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By: Dana DiStefano

I started D Fit Nutrition so I could create a positive environment of food for people all around me. I never used to understand why I couldn't lose weight. I mean, I was 24, worked out everyday, sometimes twice a day, and ate around 1600-1700 calories a day. It didn't make any sense to me!! How was I losing this battle? I thought I was doing everything right. The worst part was that I felt exhausted everyday. I barely had enough energy to workout, let alone go and live my life.


My solution was to hire a Nutrition Coach. This was THE BEST decision I have ever made. I really didn't care to be "coached". I thought I would just hire someone for a month, figure out what was wrong with me, get my macros, then quit and do the rest myself.


Well, I was wrong. 


Once I hired my nutrition coach, I found out that I wasn't eating enough and over exercising. How crazy is that?! How many times do you hear in the media that people are overeating due to American portion sizes. I hear it all the time, so I figured I had been eating too much. Since I started with my coach, I have lost close to 20 pounds, gained energy, mental clarity, and most of all, confidence!

I am here to help you achieve all of these things too!

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A Healthier You

Make Better Decisions

The Guidance You Need

What are you waiting for?

Not ready for one on one coaching? That's okay! Enter your info below to download my free guide!


It will give you EVERYTHING you will need to know and walk you through EXACTLY how to do this on your own! 


Bonus: You will also receive 4 weeks of FREE workouts!!

I mean, what more could you ask for?!


I enjoyed the program thoroughly. It helped not only my physical being but most importantly my mental being. I learned how to eat properly, by adding more veggies; healthy fats and the right portion of carbohydrates/proteins. Once I truly got on board my knees stopped aching and I’ve been able to move ever since. Dana you are amazing and I thank you for your guidance and support. I started truly loving me all over again.

Tanya Washington

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