A little about me:

Dana DiStefano

Certified Level 1 Nutrition Coach

Certified Level 2 Nutrition Coach

Hormone Specialist

Mindset Specialist

I got into nutrition after I experienced some of my own struggles. I couldn't figure out why when I ate healthy, I would gain weight and when I ate horribly, I would lose weight. Getting to a healthy weight WHILE being healthy felt impossible. It wasn't until I hired my own nutrition coach that everything just clicked.  There was a better was for me and there is a better way for you! 

In my process, I have learned to eat healthy while also still being able to enjoy things like pizza, alcohol, and tacos! This process can be SO intimidating but I make it as simple and achievable as possible. Are you ready to join me and truly find the freedom with food you are looking for?


My Mission

Teachers change the world. There is no doubt about that. Although, I feel that there is a serious lack of support for teachers when it comes to health and wellness. 


I remember back to when I was teaching full time, I felt DRAINED at the end of each day. My thought was always, "HOW THE HECK am I supposed to workout and be healthy when I can't even stay awake after school?!" Well, I found the solution and want to share that with all teachers through this program. 


So, my mission with this program is to help 1 million teachers reach their health and wellness goals while giving them back the energy their day to day duties takes away from them. 

Teachers change lives and I change the lives of teachers. 

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What you will get:

Meal Options

Weekly Check Ins

Weekly Live Trainings

Over 20 Prerecorded Trainings

Drink Options

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A Great Atmosphere


A $200+ value for only $97

How can I do this? I want to make sure that teachers are getting the help they need so they can perform their best everyday for their students. 

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Why This Works



After 4


of work

"Life is hard. Trying to prioritize work, my masters, my social life, my mental health and other things has really impacted my body more than I thought. Since day one of working with Dana, she told me I am important and began training me on how to listen to my body. Dana broke through all of my negative self talk and helped me realize that by prioritizing myself, it is achievable to balance my life while still working out and eating quality foods. Through coaching, I learned the importance of my macros, water intake, quality vs quantity of foods, and how to maintain my stress levels. Dana has also helped me schedule my life, train at the gym, meal prep, and ultimately find myself.


I used to shy away from the mirror and always focus on the number on the scale. But now when I wake up I see a happier, confident and stronger woman than I did two years ago. Overall, I have a lower BMI, more energy and just feel good! The best part is—- I was able to do all this while eating food!!!!"

— Hilary, High School Teacher

Not Ready to Commit to Yourself Just Yet?

Listen, I know committing is SO hard but it really is the first step to success. Although, when working through this program, I do want a full commitment. You will learn a LOT but also must be willing to learn. So, as a thank you for getting this far and still considering the program, please type your email below and receive a free e-book that will tell you all about creating your own plan (in the meantime)! I have also included a month of free workouts! 

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