5 Ways to Jumpstart Your Health Journey

1. Physical challenge

I would recommend trying to sign up for something with a deadline. Many times, when you are working towards something, it is SO much easier to stay committed! Try signing up for your first 5k (even if you just walk the whole thing). Try signing up for a mud run. Try signing up for a dance competition. Whatever is on your heart or mind that you have really been wanting to try, now is the time! Find something that you are interested in and just do it!

2. Establishing habits and routines

This is probably the most difficult because it takes a lot of time. My routines (that still aren't perfect) took me years to create and keep. I was always on again, off again with nutrition/working out/etc. I just had to start somewhere. I picked working out to start. I would commit to working out 3 times per week. I wouldn't force anymore because I knew if I tried to go more, I would want to go less the next week. Once I did this, I added in nutrition. Then I added in water. I just kept going. Make a plan and stick with it the best you can!

3. Unfollowing the people who don’t lift you up “editing your media”. Pay attention to what you consume

This is SO important for our mental health. We go on instagram to just relax and scroll and then before you know it, you are in a rabbit hole looking at the Kardashian's pages and feeling horrible about yourself. Your house just isn't as clean, your classroom just isn't as nice as Becky's, your body just doesn't look as good as Amber. Guess what, IT DOESN'T MATTER. We really need to be careful with what we consume. Go through your friends list and either unfollow or mute everyone who doesn't serve you. If you get a negative feeling when you see their stuff (including jealously), unfollow. Follow those who inspire and motivate you to move forward.

4. Learn to fuel your body with good foods

Meaning, when you are sad or anxious, don't grab the fried chicken that will help your mood for about 20 minutes. Grab the greens, grab the chicken, grab the veggies. If we are constantly fueling out body with less nutritious foods, it is only going to make our stress worse. It is very unfortunate but that's the way the cookie crumbles. When you are stressed, have a plan to eat healthy. Meaning, when you are stressed about family, grab the broccoli. When you are stressed about work, grab the red peppers. LEARN to help your body through food. This is not a habit we are born with. This is something that needs to be learned over a period of time.

5. Find fitness that you actually love

If you love running, make it part of your routine. If you love lifting weights, make it part of your routine. If you HATE spinning, don't do it just because Becky wants you to go with her because it motivated her! Find forms of exercise that you actually love and do them. Find 30 minutes in your day to move your body. I promise you have time. You may need to MAKE the time right now but I promise that it is possible. 30 minutes is all you need. Commit to doing this daily. Set a plan.

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