Create New Habits

So I know you are probably here, reading this now because you want to make some healthy changes but let me guess, once you start, you always fall off.

Now let's ask ourself WHY. WHY do you always fall off of your diet? WHY do you feel like you can never finish something? WHY is it so hard to make sure you drink water, eat enough food, and workout?

Well, chances are that it is because you really are just trying to do too much at once. You are trying to completely change your life without any type of solid foundation. Then, when motivation fades, it all goes to crap.

Try this:

Implement one change every week. Maybe week 1 it is adding in veggies, week 2 you are adding in water, week 3 you are adding in workouts, etc.

Make a plan for an entire month and make checkable boxes so you can accomplish these things! Don't try to do too much, just make a plan to stack healthy habits on top of others!

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