Do you have to be plant based to be healthy?

This is a firm NO. You do not have to be plant based just to be healthy.

In fact this is something I see so many people get incorrect! They are so focused on not eating meat and other animal products that they do not realize that they are actually consuming a TON of preservatives and processed foods.

You CAN eat meat and be healthy. If there is a concern of added hormones, I would recommend sticking to grass-fed and organic animal products. For example, butcher box is an online meat delivery subscription. It can be delivered monthly and you are able to choose exactly what you want in each box! You can really taste the difference in the meat. No, this is not an advertisement. I just really like their service. In addition, customer service is fantastic!

If you are choosing to be plant based for moral reasons, keep in mind that eating plants can be really great BUT it will be more challenging to get protein in. There is protein in plants, beans, and other non animal products but there many times, you will need to be more cautious of the amount of carbs and calories coming in along with that. It is ABSOLUTEY possible to make it work but isn’t always necessary.

Otherwise, if you are just trying to create healthy meals, I would recommend creating plates around the idea of a protein, healthy fat, and fiber. This will help control blood sugar, help with healthy bowel movements, and allow your body to get enough protein in to maintain lean muscle mass. You can then just eat according to how hungry you are for each meal. This will take some practice and trial and error but it is totally possible!

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