Easy Ways to Add Protein

Protein is always a struggle for a lot of people. The recommended amount of protein per day is about 0.8 to 1.2g per pound of lean muscle mass or bodyweight, whichever is reasonable.

Protein is an essential nutrient as it contains the basic building blocks for cells. It is important to consume protein throughout your day. Figure out how many meals you usually eat in a day, take your protein recommendation and divide by the number of meals. This will be a good goal/approximation for the amount of protein you should consume with each meal.

Some recommendations for protein are the following:

Eggs: Hard boiled, scrambled, over-easy, whatever makes you happy! There is about 5g of protein for one entire egg.

Meat: This is the obvious one. This also can range on portion sizes a lot. Some good meats are chicken, steak, pork, turkey, bison, etc.

Collagen Protein: This is one I recently started adding to my diet. It supports hair, skin and nails, a healthy gut, bone repair, and many other things. This is tasteless and mixes really well with hot beverages. There is around 10-12g of protein for each scoop.

Bone Broth: I really love soup. Actually, I can't get enough of it. With each cup there is around 8g of protein. This also supports bone health!

Greek Yogurt/Cottage Cheese: Full fat or non fat is fine. Just be careful with the carbs if you get flavors! Each cup can be anywhere from 20-25g of protein.

Many Plant Based Pastas: My favorite is Banza. Banza is a chickpea based pasta, but other brands and type will work here too! There is also black bean pasta, lentil pasta, etc. You can get around 14g of protein with each serving! I grew up eating pasta and I LOVE it! This is a great healthy alternative for me!

Edamame: You can actually buy this frozen at the store! To cook it, put it in the microwave, add a little sea salt and BAM you have a restaurant style appetizer. This can get you a whopping 17g for each cup!

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