Hot vs. Cold Showers

A lot of people said hot showers are best and so many said cold showers. So which is it?! Well, both! They both have great benefits! Keep reading:


-Can help itchy skin (cold will reduce the need to itch)

-Wake you up

-Increase circulation (your body will restrict blood flow to the skin to help adapt to the new colder environment and therefore your circulatory system will have to work harder internally to make sure your temp stays up) this could help inflammation as well

-Reduce Muscle Soreness

-Possibly aid in weight-loss: your body will have to generate heat to keep you warm and therefore have to use energy to do so

Note: Not the best option when you are sick or have a cold.


-Provide Respiratory relief from symptoms like opening airways, loosening phlegm, and clearing out nasal passages

-Can help skin, loosen up pores which will allow you to clear out dirt and oil

-Helps relaxation by reducing tension in your body

Note: Could make skin worse if your problem is dry skin or any skin condition similar. Can also increase blood pressure.

So what is my suggestion? Should you take a hot shower or cold shower? I would say have a healthy balance of both!

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