How to overcome peer pressure with eating and drinking...

Ever have a great week of eating and fitness and you get to Sunday evening and ask yourself, "What the heck happened?" Then you realize your BFF Becky convinced you to eat more than you wanted, drink more than you wanted to, and then stop by Taco Bell on the way home. Was she "mean" about it? No, but she asked you why you never want to have any fun and then you realized you shouldn't be so strict with yourself all the time...

Sound familiar?

Well guess what, YOU are living your life. Not Becky. Although, I get it. It is hard to say "no" because you don't want to be the boring friend that no one invites places. So how do you stay on track but also remain the "fun friend"?

Try these 5 steps to help you stay on track. It IS possible to go out and have a couple drinks and not blow it out of the water.

1. Eat before you go

"But I am going out to eat..."

I don't care. Eat before you go. Chances are that by the time you are finished eating, actually leave, get wherever you are going, and the food actually gets to you, it's going to be about an hour or two later already. In addition, hungry eyes will order a lot less healthy options.

"But I don't want to feel bloated. I can wait until I get home later."

Remember that stop at Taco Bell? You did well while you were out because there was no food to snack on. When your friend goes through the drive through and you say, "No thanks, I made a burrito bowl and it's waiting for me at home." Sounds a lot better and will get a lot less questions than "ugh, no thanks.. I wish I could but I am on a diet."

2. Decide how you want the night to go with drinking BEFORE leaving the house.

This will just help with knowing exactly what you should and should not be doing while you are out. Instead of saying "let's see where the night takes us" even though you know you need to be up, try to create a plan to stay on track as much as possible and it will make the next morning that much easier.

3. Have a yummy (but healthy) snack waiting for you at home.

This is key. Having something to look forward to when you get home will make it a lot less tempting to snack while you are out. Personally, I love when I have a burrito bowl waiting for me at home. I usually add refined black beans, some type of meat, low fat cheese, salsa, avocado, and onions. I pop it in the microwave and it is something I KNOW I will actually eat once I get home. Find something you like and it will make that stop at Taco Bell a lot less tempting.

4. Stick with low sugar drinks.

Really try to stick with low sugar anything but specifically drinks because you usually won't feel full once just from a drink. Sugar will cause cravings. This goes for all sugar even if it has zero calories. In fact, I would argue that the zero calorie sweeteners might be worse because they taste even sweeter than regular sugar. Once you taste it, and you taste something like a cookie, it just won't hit the spot in the same way.


Simple, I know. Although, having some water can help hydrate your body, lessen cravings, help with bloating, and help with mental clarity. Why is mental clarity important, that will help with our decision making skills!

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