Reduce/Prevent Inflammation

Let's start with your diet:

With any health issue, your diet is where you should start and make sure that you are taking the appropriate steps to build your foundation. Within your diet, try to reduce sugar intake. Try to switch out some of the extremely high sugar foods for larger meals with protein, healthy fat, and fiber. This will help you stay full without feeling bloated while also making sure that you are not spiking your blood sugar.

It is also important that your diet has more variety of foods. By making sure that your diet is diverse, you will get all different vitmains and minerals. Make sure that you are eating enough protein, fats, fruits, and veggies. By making sure that you are eating whole, unprocessed foods, you will help your body recover faster and therefore reduce inflammation.

An important note here is to make sure that you are getting enough omega 3s (anti-inflammatory) into your diet. There are many foods that have omega 3s but a great and quality source will be fish. In general, we tend to eat a lot of chicken in our diets because it is quick, easy, and generally less expensive. Although, chicken is very high in omega 6s (inflammatory).

Next we will look at your workouts:

We need to make sure that your workouts are appropriate for your body. Someone who is just starting to workout should not be exercising with the same weight or intensity as someone who is very coniditioned to their sport or activity. You need to train your body first and work your way to a higher level instead of jumping right there. Your workouts should not make your joints hurt. If your joints are hurting, you are overstressing them. Make sure to give your body adequate rest.

Last note:

Inflammation is not all bad! We actually need some inflammation because being inflamed helps tell your body that it is time to build and repair. This is the best time for rest and recovery to allow the inflammation to flush out of your system. Although, this is when people tend to actually hurt a little more and try to numb the pain with something like ibuprofen. If your joints are hurting and you are numbing yourself, you may not actually notice that you have extreme joint pain and that your body is begging you to rest. In the long run, it could make the pain worse and force recovery to take even longer!

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