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Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Okay so there is a lot of debate about collagen. Some people say that it's fine. Others say we shouldn't count it in our overall protein intake. So which is it?

Well let's go a little further. People say that we shouldn't include collagen protein as part of our overall protein intake because it isn't a complete protein. Well, this is true! It isn't a complete protein. It actually only have 8 out of the total 9 essential amino acids which therefore makes it incomplete. Well, if we aren't going to count this, then we also need to consider what are the proteins that we count. In general, meat products are some of the only complete proteins we can consume. Yes, that means many veggies and beans are also not complete.

Do I believe it should be counted in the overall intake? Yes. It provides our bodies with protein that helps in other ways than just building muscle. Collagen protein also helps strengthen hair, skin, nails, it improves liver function, helps repair a leaky gut, supports bone repair, prevents joint pain, supports weight management, and protects your heart.

So the next question I usually get is "well what is the best one I can get?!". This is SO dependent on multiple things like affordability, availability, brand, and dietary needs. I am just going to briefly review one brand that is very popular to many people. The brand is Vital Proteins. I want to go over this brand in particular because they also have a Beauty Collagen Protein option that is marketed directly to women.

Option 1:

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides

This is the powder and contains about 18g of protein. No added sugar. Can be consumed in hot beverages or things like oatmeal, baking, etc.

Option 2:

Vital Proteins Beauty Collagen Peptides

This is marketed directly to women because of the look of the canister. This contains 15g of protein per serving BUT also includes a probiotic. To my surprise, this is actually a quality probiotic. It is spore based which generally are very expensive so this product will be a bit of a give and take. Take away a little protein, gain part of a probiotic. This will also contain a little bit of sugar because I do not believe you can get this unflavored.

Option 3:

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides Pills

One serving is 6 pills. Each serving contains 3g of protein.

Option 4:

Vital Proteins Beauty Boost Pills

Same packaging as the beauty collagen peptides but does not contain any protein. These are more just vitamins.

Are you nervous about trying these? Not sure if you will like them? They actually sell sample packs. They have a TON of sample pack options at Whole Foods with many different brands if you wanted to find the one that you like the most before buying an entire canister.

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