Why do we need balance

Balance is a super important part in any of our lives. We need balance with family, friends, ourselves, and yes, food. Many people struggle with the balance of food because the media gives so many foods either the “good” or “bad” label. Foods aren’t good nor bad, it is just food! Now, this is not to say that some foods are more beneficial to our bodies then others but this is why we need BALANCE.

Have you ever been on a diet that says you can’t eat x, y, and z? Did you notice that all you can think about is x, y, and z? This even happens with foods you wouldn’t normally eat! For example, I rarely drink soda, not because of the “bad” connotation that is associated with it but because I just don’t particularly crave the taste. I really prefer coffee, water, tea, etc. Although, a couple of years ago while working in a restaurant, I had unlimited access to soda and I thought ‘can’t drink that or I will gain 10lbs’ and suddenly I constantly wanted soda. What the heck?!

Our bodies deserve a little of what it wants and a little of what it needs. This is where tracking macros can come in handy. Tracking macros can help you fit in some of the foods that you like to eat and then can help you structure the rest of your day to still fit within your numbers. It isn’t all about eating salmon, chicken, broccoli, asparagus, and rice. As humans, we like the social aspect of food. We like to be able to go out to dinner with friends or go to the movies and have some popcorn or a little box of candy. Although just because we have a little treat doesn’t mean that the rest of our day has to be ruined with greasy foods that will slow us down and gives us stomach aches. Balance!!!

Giving into our cravings (in moderation) is important to make us feel like we are not restricting ourselves when we diet. Personally, I never really liked the term ‘diet’. Eating healthy shouldn’t be considered a diet in the first place! Eating healthy should be a normal way we live. Unfortunately, we live in the time where processed and pre-made food is our go-to because it is quick and easy. We live in a fast paced society where we feel like we barely have enough time to breath let alone cook and prep all of our food. So how the heck are we going to find balance with all of the things we have going on each day?

Follow these steps:

1. Get a weekly planner and schedule your time throughout the week so you know exactly how much time you can dedicate to your different activities. This will allow you to see how often you will be eating at restaurants with friends or family.

2. Plan in time for food shopping and when you will prep a couple of food items. I usually do this on Saturday and Sunday. I use Saturday to clean out the fridge and eat any food that is about to go bad and then go to the store on Sunday.

3. Take an hour and prep as much food as you can. Pre cook chicken (crock pot, oven, etc), chop up veggies, cut up fruit (that won’t go bad), mass cook sweet potatoes, red potatoes, etc. By doing all of this, when things don’t go as planned during the week and you get home at 8pm, all you have to do is grab what is already there!

I challenge you to find time where you think there is none. You will be surprised what you will find. Get a planner, plan out your days, and PLAN to eat better on most days. This will allow freedom on those days that you might eat a meal out with friends or get popcorn at the movies.

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