Why your intuitive eating isn't working...

Well there could be a ton of reasons but these are probably two that you want to make sure is in check: Leptin and Ghrelin


This is produced by your fat cells. It tells your body that it is full and enough fat and energy have been stored so you can stop eating. Obese people typically have very high levels of leptin which, I know, sound like the opposite of what you would think.

You would think that high leptin means feeling full all the time therefore you don't want to eat food.Unfortunately this is not the case. People who have such high levels will actually have leptin resistance, meaning your body isn’t responding to the leptin release and can’t tell when it is full.

Two potential causes of leptin resistance and high levels of insulin and inflammation.

So how do we fix this?

1. Avoid inflammatory foods (sugar and trans fats)

2. Eat anti inflammatory foods (example: more omega 3s)

3. Get more sleep

4. Exercise regularly


This is your hunger hormone. It is produced by your stomach when you are hungry and it is time to eat.

Ghrelin levels are highest right before you eat and lowest about an hour after you eat. Proof of this is every Thanksgiving when your eyes get really big when you see all of the food laid out and then about an hour later, you can’t move off of the couch.

There are actually a couple really easy things we can do to improve our Ghrelin levels!

1. Lower the amount of sugary foods you eat. These are very palatable and easy to over consume before your Ghrelin response kicks in

2. Eat more protein at each meal. Protein is very satiating

me to turn o your Ghrelin response to tell you that you are full. Its easy to eat fast and ignore it and feel SO bloated and full an hour later and then ask yourself “why did I eat so much”

This is where people have a problem with intuitive eating. It's hard to actually tell whether or not a person is actually having a hunger response and during the process of eating, if your hormones are actually telling you that you are full. Keeping your leptin and ghrelin levels in check will be key here!

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